About Us

We are Jim and Beth Crozier, and we recently discovered the wonderful world of modern board and card games.

We were astounded to learn just how many games there are available, and how good they are, we were convinced that there are a huge number of people who would love to play these games if only they knew about them.

So we tried them out on our friends, and they agreed! With their support, we decided that someone needed to bring people and games together, and it might as well be us. Counter Culture Games was born!

We are based in Chelmsford, Essex, and we are booking events around the county. Our ultimate aim is to open a games cafe in the Chelmsford area to create a community space for people to gather, make new friends and play lots of games!

Contact Details:

26 Baddow Road
Email: info@counterculturegames.com
Phone: 07856 348288