CORONAVIRUS UPDATE : We’re Back, Bit by Bit!


Temporary Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 5PM

Sunday 11-4PM

Still Retail Only!


What will happen on July 4th?

A lot of people have been asking if we will be offering instore gaming from July 4th, when pubs and cafes are allowed to open again, within certain restrictions.

We’d like to – we would really like to. We’ve always wanted to be more than just a shop, and we’re really proud of the community that has formed and was growing around Counter Culture. We get to watch friendships being made before our eyes. We miss our customers – they are our friends.

To cut to the chase – no, we’re not reopening our tables yet. We’re keeping an eye on the situation – we hope to implement a phased re-opening, possibly starting with just one table in the back room available for pre-booking and slowly increasing capacity until we are back up and running. If you’d like to know more about how we came to this decision, read on to the end of this announcement.

We know that you will be disappointed to hear this. It’s been a difficult and painful period for a lot of us, and being unable to pursue our hobbies and interests with our friends, in person, makes it even harder. But this is an unprecedented situation, and with so many variables and unknowns, we feel it is safest to proceed cautiously. We will wait to see if the Second Wave emerges over the summer.

In the meantime, there are online opportunities to play, such as Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator and Board Game Arena for board games, Roll20 for D&D and MTG Arena for Magic. Combined with Discord, it is possible to create a virtual game night with your regular opponents. Why not use our Discord server to arrange a time to meet up, and decide what to play?

Also, to help tide you over, we are looking at making some of our library available for home rental, if your household wants to enjoy some face to face gaming. We’re looking into ways to make ourselves available for any tutorials or rules queries that might come up. Like a sort of customer service centre!

Hang in there, folks, and let’s hope we can all get back to gaming together as soon as possible.

Beth and Jim

P.S. If you would like to know more about our reasons for keeping the tables closed, read on…

Safety must come first. We only want to reopen our tables when it is safe and practical to do so. Safe for you, safe for your family and friends, and safe for us. If either of us becomes ill with Covid, both of us have to isolate for at least 14 days. The shop has to close completely, and we won’t even be able to run an online service.

Aside from looking after ourselves, there are a couple of other things to consider:
• interpretation of the guidelines
• what is advised scientifically vs government advice
• the possibility of a second lockdown

The guidelines are less than clear. We’ve been talking with other game shop owners, and there are a variety of interpretations as to who is allowed to be where. Terms like “household”, “bubble” and “group” are used without clear definition or explanation as to which are to be separated from which.

A number of scientific advisers, including the independent SAGE group, have stated that there is an increased risk of a second wave of infection if restrictions are lifted at this time. Over 1 million vulnerable “shielding” people have not set foot outside of their homes for over 12 weeks, and if infection rates start to increase, they will have to stay inside even longer. We do not want to contribute to that.

If a second wave does emerge, then it is likely that a second lockdown will also be called, or at least the July 4th amendments to restrictions will be reversed. We only have limited resources of time and money and we don’t want to use them switching the shop back and forth from fully open to retail only, when they could be better used improving our online services.

The virus is a hitch-hiker, and it doesn’t care where you’re going or why, only that you are moving it around. There are a number of factors that increase your risk of contracting and spreading the virus – indoors / outdoors, long interactions / short interactions, noisy, with lots of talking and laughing / quiet, wearing face coverings and so on. Long, indoor, noisy interactions are the highest risk, and we are not yet confident that the environment is a safe one. We hope you understand.




Call or message us on 07856 348288, or email us at We can take card payments via smartphone, or we can email an invoice that lets you pay by bank transfer.




We will deliver to your doorstep (or any other delivery arrangement you have) and let you know when we have dropped off you purchase. All our games are shrink wrapped. We recommend you remove and dispose of the shrink wrap immediately and sanitize your hands straight away.




Thanks to all of our customers, whether regular or occasional, for your support over the last three years. We will return, possibly in a different form if necessary, and continue to serve our community as best we can.











Hello, and welcome to Counter Culture Games! Our aim is simple – to bring people and games together.Board games and card games have changed a lot over the last 20 years, and up and down the country thousands of people are rediscovering the joys of tabletop gaming.




Let us help you become one of them!


No, not like Monopoly

If you think that board games are about arguing over Monopoly or studying complicated Chess openings, we have great news for you; there’s so much more to modern games.

here are games for everyone – adults, families, children, small groups, large groups, two people, chatty people, quiet people, deep strategic thinkers and people who just want a laugh with their friends.
There are long games, quick games, huge games that sprawl across the table, small games you can take on holiday, games you can play in teams, games you can play as one team, games for any situation!

Take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to find out more!



Pandemic is a hugely successful game that introduced the idea of cooperative games. In a cooperative game, the players are not playing against each other, they are playing as a team against the game itself. Either everyone wins, or everyone loses. In Pandemic, the...

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Ticket to Ride

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Try before you buy

We don’t just sell games, we want to help you find people to play them with as well. That’s why we are organising game events at various venues around Essex. We know that the best advertisement for our games is the games themselves. That’s why we’re taking our collection of demonstration copies on the road for you to try them out for yourself. Take a look at our calendar to see if we’re coming to a venue near you. If not, why not get in touch with your suggestions? We’ll try to arrange something.